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A properly fitted and functioning toilet should last up to 50 years. But that’s not to say it won’t start to malfunction beforehand. Many things contribute to your toilet overflowing, not flushing or even breaking completely. The pressure of weight on the seat over time can damage your toilet as can excessive use if you have a big family or your toilet is situated in a public venue. In this article we will look at what to be aware of when installing or replacing a toilet on Long Island. We serve Suffolk and Nassau Counties.

Reasons To Replace Your Toilet

When is it time to get a new toilet? In short, when your old one has cracks, is constantly having issues with blockage and water overflow and when you’ve replaced the float valves and connectors so many times that its beyond repair.

Installing or Replacing a Toilet

Here are the steps we take when installing a new toilet. Rule number one: Switch off your water, find the shut off valve and turn on your taps to allow proper drainage of your pipes. If you’re removing your old lavatory, you will need to either mop up the remaining water in the bowl and tank or use a wet vac to suck it out. Next, unscrew and detach the connector situated at the back and the bolts holding the toilet down to the floor. It may stick to the floor even after removing the bolts. Be warned, going at it with a wrench or a hammer will be messy and could damage your floor. Underneath the fitting is a ‘wax ring’ fastened down with more bolts. While the wax is easy enough to remove, the bolts may be rusty and difficult to move. A chisel and pliers may be necessary to break them out. This pretty much sums up how to remove your old toilet. Check for any reusable parts that can cut costs on the installation of your new one.

Toilets come in different sizes and are made from different materials. You can buy ‘economy’ toilets, often the bowl and tank are sold separately and at very low prices. Cheap isn’t always best though, ensure you make your purchase keeping durability in mind otherwise you may end having to replace your toilet again in a very short time.

After choosing your new toilet, you need to refit the wax ring, fasten the tank down and attach the bowl. You then connect it back to the water supply. While this all might sound straight forward we would be remiss not to warn of all the niggling small tasks involved. Washers need to be in the right places which can be a frustrating guessing game depending on the instructions booklet. Bolts and screws must be fastened often in very awkward spots. It you don’t have a plumbing degree or the experience in plumbing, setting everything up can be a very frustrating experience. A quick, easy and cost effective solution to fumbling around would be to hire a certified plumber, sit back and leave it to a professional.

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