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Causes and cures for your clogged drainage system

Clear and clean running water is essential to any home. If the drainage in your home becomes obstructed, it can leave you without drinking and bathing water. Worse still, it could cause serious damage to your property. So you need to know what causes these blockages and what can be done about them. In this article we will take a detailed look at these pitfalls and some ways to avoid them.

Possible reasons for your drain being blocked

If you’re staring at the sink because the water isn’t draining or the kids left the taps running and the carpet is soaked through, you’ve more than likely got a clogged drain. In minor cases, a bit of chemical cleaner or a plunger will get your pipes running smoothly but the worst case scenarios will call for an emergency drain cleaning service. Kitchen sinks are usually the main culprits for blockages and it doesn’t take much to imagine why. Its tempting just to pour used oil down there but that doesn’t stop it being a terrible idea with major consequences. Do this too many times and run the risk of lining your drain pipes with grease. The knock on effect being that your garbage disposer will lose its effectiveness, shredded or not, food will start sticking to the fat coating your drainage system. Another hotspot for trouble is the bathtub, hair, dirt and soap all combine to make a potent  potion for stopping the flow of water. Disaster awaits if these issues are left unattended, don’t wait until water starts coming through your ceiling. By then you will be facing the prospect of your electricity cutting out and having to shut down your water supply to avoid further flooding. At this point you are looking at costs as much as $6,000 to fix or replace drains in Long Island and the cost of damaged electrical appliances can easily slip into the hundreds if not thousands.

Emergency drain cleaning Long Island

Although household waste is the cause of the clogging  in nearly all case, sometimes its not. The environment around could be having an effect, things like trees or weeds growing around your drainage system. If you notice a foul stench there could be dead rodents trapped in the pipes. And then there is winter. When temperatures plummet below minus, pipes get frozen and can crack in places that won’t be easy to locate without specialised equipment.  The situations mentioned and others like them are classed as an emergency. As previously mentioned, expect considerable damage to your property if such blockages are not dealt with swiftly.

When all else fails

We highly advise following the measures mentioned here to reduce the risk of flooding and maintain your water supply. By simply being careful with waste disposal, the longevity of your drains will greatly increase. When things get out of control, don’t hesitate to call the professionals at Millennial Plumbing to ensure you choose knowledgeable and cost effective and efficient  drain specialists.

Clogged Drain Calamities And What To Do About Them

According to Long Island Sound Study over 1 billion gallons of waste water is pumped daily into the tidal estuary that acts as a waste water filter for both Long Island and other parts of New York. Given that such a large amount of waste is moving around the drains of residents, problems are going to arise from time to time. If you happen to be the unfortunate recipient of overflowing water in your house (or even no water) at 3am on Memorial day, you’re going to need an emergency drain cleaning service. Our licensed plumbers are on call around the clock and even on weekends and holidays, ready to serve you at short notice and at a fair price.

Risks To Your Drainage System

Cracks in your wall are a sign that you may need basement waterproofing. As soon as you see cracks start to appear, get in touch. Our workmen can isolate the cause through experience and with the specialised equipment they carry. Upon inspection, you will get a detailed breakdown of the causes and the best solution. We have almost four decades of experience in taking care of drainage emergencies across Long Island, Suffolk & Nassau County. We will get to the bottom of your water leak issue, choose a long lasting method of repair to prevent future leaks and we will never overcharge you. If your drain is clogged, we will locate the blockage and clean it. We can clean your gutters, replace any broken fittings and caulk leaky joints in your gutter.

Do You Have A Sump Pump Problem?

Water leaking into your basement may be caused by a faulty sump pump. As this is a vital piece of equipment that protects your house in the event of heavy rainfall-  you will need to act fast if it stops working. Asides from general maintenance, cleaning and regular checks-wear and tear happens and a seasoned professional will know what to do whether it be repairs or the installation of a new sump pump.


A bit of water on the lawn might not seem so serious but it shouldn’t be ignored. Over a prolonged period, waterlogging can lead to the release of greenhouse gasses that damage plants and crops. If you’re home growing fruit and veg or cultivating a garden, all that hard work could be ruined. The combination of a flooded lawn/garden and roots spreading from surrounding tress could lead to subsidence I.e. your property sinking into the ground. So, if you notice a build up of water on your grounds, call us straight away at any time to arrange a consultation. We can advise on potential solutions such as fitting a French drain or a dry well.

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